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About Us

Risk Twenty Two is a women's contemporary clothing brand based out of Los Angeles created by our founder, Tiffany. Tiffany graduated from USC with a degree in creative writing and from there, she went into her desired field of entertainment news. Eventually she decided it was time to take a risk and pursue her passion for fashion. Out of her love for style and building confidence in women, she created Risk Twenty Two. The name comes from the obvious. It was a risk to become a full time entrepreneur. The number twenty two comes from her brother's birthday of April 22nd, who passed away. It also happens to be the anniversary with her significant other. The name of her brand comes with meaning and she puts her heart and soul into every inch of it. 
The mission of Risk Twenty Two is to dress you with affordable, stylish and classy pieces that showcase your unique personality. Look good and feel good with us. We're glad you found us and we look forward to dressing you!